Research & Development 

S.I. BIOZYME, India's well established base has developed a number of  innovative processes and product  technologies. To ensure and enhance the  quality of the product, the  company takes following measures:- 

Main raw material Papaya Latex is checked for its purity and activity. Company acquires the chemicals and preservatives strictly from the reputed suppliers, though expensive. To ensure the consistency in the supplies, company prepares batches of 500 Kgs with proper blending arrangement.

The company is experimenting on new species papaya tree, under the guidance of agriculture experts for better yields of the fruits, disease resistance and control and use of non toxic insecticides and pesticides. 

The company  has an advance laboratory set up to work on preservation of activity and quality improvement and control of papain. The various activities of the company have become trouble-free because of computerizations. SI is a knowledge-driven enterprise. Our continuous investment in R&D has enabled us to develop innovative processes, products and technologies. By pioneering novel ways of collating and managing information and knowledge, we have strengthened and extended our R&D activities to diverse domains.