The most precious thing in the world's preserving human life and health, and peoples' greatest wish to eliminate disease.

We believed we could realize our goal and dream only when we are healthy. Without our health, we cannot expect to be fully successful in the future.

In the past, since our company was established, we have spared our efforts to make such dreams a reality. We take pride in making only the highest-quality enzymes, always keeping in mind our company's mission to promote health and social development.

Under the motto
of "To enhance Customer Satisfaction in terms of Quality, Delivery and Comply with Statutory & Regulatory requirements.   This, we shall achieve through the process of Continual Improvement in Product Quality as well as Skill & Knowledge Development of employees through training". We will continue to strive to enhance the welfare of all employees, cultivating men and women of ability and contribute to the development of new medical science.

We pledge once again to do our best to foster a future-oriented enzyme manufacturing company in the 21st century and to realize the dream of eradicating disease and enjoying healthy lives.