S.I. BIOZYME is a pioneering biotechnology company engaged in the manufacture of bimolecular for healthcare and specialty industrial enzymes. The motivation behind launching of this proprietary concern in the year 1994 was to fetch business in this ripe and unexploited sectors. Papaya is basically a tropical tree. Indian land, monsoon are very suitable for its growth. Papaya cultivation is dominant in southern part. particularly this region of India produces 25%of total global production out of which 20% is from this region itself.

The S.I., is recognized as India's leading  biotechnology conglomerate as well as undisputed market leader for industrial enzymes. The company's enzyme clientele spans a diverse and continually growing spectrum of industry segments, from brewing, food & beverages, animal feed and starch processing to textiles, paper & pulp, detergents, leather and health care.  SI's forte has been in creating niche markets through innovative enzymes and enzyme applications.

S.I. has established itself as a major player in the developing, producing and marketing of novel products for the international enzyme and active pharmaceutical ingredients markets. We have a work environment that is fuelled by talent, skills, and expertise of employees who are the best in the industry.

"S.I. BIOZYME"is formerly known as "S.I. CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES"



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