product Benefits

  We are in position to overcome these difficulties as the farm owned by promoters of company are just 2 KM away from the factory enabling to reduce the time required for transportation and also is to possible to keep the control on labors.

  Further, raw material for more than 60% of Papain produced in India is from Nandurbar districts as the land and climatic conditions are favorable to Papaya threes. 

  The Government of India is encouraging small and medium scale Industries in industrially backward areas. The company is operating in such an area and enjoys tax benefits, which can be passed on to customers by way competitive prices.

Why To Choose S.I. BIOZYME??

S.I. encourages and promotes creativity, innovation and leadership. S.I. is a dominant player in biotechnological solutions. To keep up with the worldwide demand for Biotechnology products, the company is seeking capable and focused individuals who can contribute significantly to this growth. We are continuously on the look out for professionals in Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Research & Development and Marketing in the areas of Enzymology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biochemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Sciences. With innovative technology, a market leadership position, and professional staff, S.I. is poised for continuous success.
In the area of health care, the company manufactures and markets a number of therapeutic bimolecular.