Mr. Kishor N. Patil is the company's Founder & CEO. He started S.I. Chemical Industries in 1995. he is the chief promoter of this unit and he is Chemical Engineer by profession. He is having valued experience of more than 20 years in the field and  began with the production of industrial enzymes. He is a progressive industrialist with active interest in a wide spectrum of fields in which he is well respected for his vision and leadership qualities. He is responsible for the overall management of the company in the capacity of Managing Director. The company itself has enough assets and provisions for contingencies. The promoter have rendered their own lands to the company to ensure proper and smooth supply of raw material. Further, company promotes the use of proper insecticides and pesticides at regular interval to papaya farmers, as and when required. The company provides cans and kits for latex collection and also pays advance for drip irrigation and plantation to farmers to secured the garneted source of raw material. We look forward to meeting the challenges ahead and to the prospects for continued growth.

From April 2015, "S.I. CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES" has changed its name to "S.I. BIOZYME"